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The Fyre and Lightning Consort

Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Sefardic, British Isles & original music!

The Fyre and Lightning Baroque Ensemble

About Us...

Steven Light (string bass, lute, viola da gamba, bagpipes, recorder, shawm, cornetto, krummhorn, percussion and vocals) has played and taught music from an early age. He is a Rosefounding member and the director of the Consort. He has an MFA in Early Music Performance and plays trumpet and string bass in the Nisht Geferlach Klezmer Band. Steven has performed on trumpet and early instruments with many area ensembles and has guest conducted numerous high school festival ensembles and the Onion River Chorus. He taught instrumental music, music theory, composition and electronic music in a Vermont High School for many years. He is currently an adjunct professor in the Johnson State College Fine and Performing Arts Department where he teaches music and music education directs the Johnson State College Concert Band and is coordinator of Music and Unified Arts Education.

Kathy Light (harp, recorder, krummhorn and vocals) is a founding member of The Fyre and Lightning Consort. She started playing recorder in high school in an American Recorder Society group, and quickly fell in love with Baroque Music. She studied Early Music at Goddard College and Sarah Lawrence College. She currently co-directs (with Steven Light) the Goddard College Community Gamelan, sings in the Women's Early Music Ensemble Anima, and plays clarinet in the Nisht Geferlach Klezmer Band and the Johnson State CollegeConcert Band.

Ellie Hayes (vielle, recorder, whistle and vocals) has been immersed in musical activity from an early age, and has studied and performedRose music of many genres, appearing in concert with the Quadrivium, Word of Mouth Chorus, Wellspring Contradance Band, Matrix (Women's Balkan Ensemble), Plainfield Village Gamelan, Nisht Geferlach Klezmer Band, and Anima (Medieval Women's Chorus), as well as Fyre and Lightning.

Lynnette Combs (harpsichord) is organist and music director at First Baptist Church in Burlington, Vermont. She is active as a recitalist and accompanist throughout Vermont. As harpsichordist, she has played with the Vermont Symphony, the Vermont Philharmonic, the Montpelier Chamber Orchestra, Eleva, and numerous small ensembles. In 2013 she was a recitalist for the annual convention of the Organ Historical Society.

George Stone (bassoon) started playing bassoon in 1964, but gave up playing in college and as a young adult. At the urging of his old friend, trombonist Scotty McClintock, he joined the Bath (Maine) Municipal Band in the 1980s.  He soon realized that music was about the most interesting thing going, but his technique was pretty rusty.   His first teacher, Carmella Echo, had insisted that he learn to make reeds and that carried him through the trials of learning how to play again.  Since moving to Vermont in 1989 he has found a couple of great mentors in Janet Polk of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra and Fraser Jackson of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. These days his musical home is the Johnson State College Concert Band.  He also plays in as many chamber music groups as he can manage.

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