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Kathy and Steven's Long Walk

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In the summer of 2018 we walked the Camino de Santiago, a thousand year old pilgrim route. Starting on the French side of the Pyrennes in a town called St. Jean Pied de Port, we crossed the mountains and proceeded to walk across northern Spain - over 540 miles - to Santiago de Compostella. Then we continued west to Finisterre and the Atlantic ocean. We are happy to present a talk/slideshow/concert of this incredible journey.

The presentation includes lots of photos, a few videos, stories of our experiences along the way as well as lots of interesting history. We tell tales of the people we met, and places we stayed and walked by, the myriad feelings we had, the sense of being in a walking "river", by ourselves and with a lot of other "pilgrims", and interesting facts and statistics of the Camino Frances. We conclude with a 30 minute performance of medieval and traditional music from northern Spain sung and played on harp, lute, guitar, recorders, bagpipes and clarinet synced to a slide show of more beautiful pictures.


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Here's a short clip of us playing a traditional Galician tune:


and excerpts from a concert of traditional Galician music we stumbled upon in Santiago!


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